Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes

Questions our guests frequently ask


Are all of the rental properties privately owned?

Yes, all of our homes and condos are owned by individuals.  They range in size from studio condo’s to 9 bedroom homes!  Each and every property is decorated and furnished to the taste of the individual homeowner.  Each home is priced according to location and the amenities within the home.  Some homes will have satellite, internet, hot tubs, garages, decks, Jacuzzi tubs, and more!  Each and every property is different but you will also find that the majority of our properties do not have air conditioning. If the home or condo does have that, it will be specifically shown as an amenity.


What is included in the cost to rent this property?

All of our rentals include starter set of dishwashing soap, garbage bags, toilet tissue and if the unit has a wood-burning fireplace, wood.  All of our homes have complete kitchen house wares, towels, linens and either parking garage or a 1 to 2 space parking area in the complex.  Some homes are equipped with hot tubs and or grills.  If a home does have a gas grill, the propane will be supplied for you.

During the winter months, we will handle snow removal from driveways, walkways, hot tubs and patios as well as decks.  Our policy is to start shoveling snow when more than 4 inches accumulates.  Please be patient as it can take us most of the day to get to all of our homes!  Shovels can be found at each property in either a closet or porch area if you need to get out before we arrive.


Are any of the properties pet friendly?

Many of our properties are pet friendly and it will be indicated in the amenities area of the property description.


Do you allow smoking in any of your properties?

All of our properties are NON SMOKING.


How are the rates determined?

Rates are based on a per home, per night rate.  We do not charge extra for additional people.  However, each home has a maximum amount of guests that it will allow.  We do not allow children or adults to sleep in sleeping bags so that the occupancy cannot be increased nor do we allow for camping outdoors of the home.  Maximum allowed is noted on each home description and can differ because of bed or sleeper sofa configurations.  Please check to be sure your home will allow for the proper occupancy.


Do you allow for weddings, retreats, and large family gatherings in your homes?

Absolutely!  We have had several conference meetings in our larger properties and would encourage you to speak with us if you are interested in this type of activity.


What is the reservation/cancellation policy?

At the time of your reservation, you will be asked for a credit card, which we use to
secure the booking for you.  We automatically charge your credit card for the first 50% payment.

We will send you, electronically, a rental contract.  After you read the contract, it is necessary for you to sign the pages that require signature, and send them back to us

Your reservation is at that time, a guaranteed reservation. You can also read our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Please note, all of our properties are privately owned, we place all monies collected in an escrow account and cannot release them until 20 days past the end of each month.